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I completed my undergrad in Jazz and Pop Piano performance in 2017, and I've been playing professionally as a jazz/pop pianist since then. Currently I am in school to earn my Masters degree in classical piano performance. As a teacher I am versatile, flexible, and equipped to assist my students with any goals they have. Lessons are currently online, allowing students to record the lessons and access them later, essentially being able to take the lesson as many times as they want. Get in touch with me to meet for a free 30 minutes before booking lessons to see if we'd be a good fit. 

The following class structures are available in my studio:

1. Jazz Piano Lessons

- Learn to improvise and compose in the jazz idiom. - Improve your technique on the instrument, through scales, arpeggios, and etudes, so that playing becomes easier. - Improve harmonic knowledge through study of jazz theory. - Improve rhythmic knowledge through exercises. - Learn how to transcribe and analyze audio recordings to improve your playing.

2. RCM Exam Preparation

- Learn a variety of styles in the classical canon. - Engage with the music in a highly structured, step-by-step way. - Improve technique and musical literacy step by step. - Receive credentials through the Royal Conservatory of Music.

3. Classical composition

- Learn to write and notate music for solo piano - Learn to analyze scores to improve your composing - Learn to actively listen to recordings to use elements from your favourite pieces.

4. Music theory classes

- Learn fundamentals of harmony, form, and music notation - Learn history of tonal music, understand important figures from the past - Learn and discuss what your favourite musicians are doing, past and present

5. Video exchange lessons

- Send recordings of yourself playing and receive feedback - Get back a tailor-made video from me, outlining what’s working, things you could do to improve, and ways to solve issues you might be having.

6. Not ready for lessons? Join my Patreon for videos on piano playing, improvising, and composing for piano.

I also do piano Q&As on my Twitch.

Hit the contact button to inquire about rates or schedule a lesson.

You can also find piano exercises, transcriptions (some arranged for piano), and sheet music edited by me (with special attention to students with small hands) in the sheet music section of website.

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